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CommuniGator’s complete marketing automation solution

Are you a B2B marketer looking to improve your marketing automation processes? Would you like a more advanced solution that allows you to do more with your b2b marketing? How about a marketing software platform that can generate and nurture your leads ?

Look no further.

Introducing CommuniGator’s complete marketing automation solution.

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What we’re good at

We play by UK B2B marketing rules

Many marketing software providers abide by B2C thinking and American legislation, meaning you need permission to email contacts. As a UK supplier and B2B marketers ourselves, our software works with UK opt-in legislation and allows the use of purchased lists. Meaning you don’t have to rely on just website form fills.

Marketing Automation for Lead Generation

Generate leads for your sales team sooner with something a little smarter than a static email marketing campaign. With our advanced software, trigger drip or lead nurturing campaigns based on sales activity. Let sales tick a box within CRM that prompts an automatic email to their lead and adds them to an email campaign.

Manage your marketing all in one place

A disjointed system equals a disjointed pipeline, which is why you should stop using several different systems or multiple suppliers to get results. Instead, manage all your data, lead generation and email marketing from your CRM. With CommuniGator, we even join to the point where you can watch your website activity from within your CRM too.

If you are …

  • A company with an average turnover of more than £3mil and you’re looking to make more,
  • A B2B business that works in the realm of the technology sector,
  • Are sending to a database of more than 10,000 contacts,
  • Are looking to improve your marketing to generate and nurture leads for sales….

…we need to talk about our marketing automation solution and how it can work for you.