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Who is visiting my website?

  • Do you want to generate more sales leads?
  • Do you know how to generate more leads from your website?
  • Do you need to generate more sales leads online in general?

Who is visiting my website?

  • Want to know who is on your website?
  • Want to know the contact details of those website visitors?

Of course you do! Let us tell you how we discover who visits your website.

It’s a common question, “who is on my website?”. It’s also easy for us to answer. We use IP visitor identification to tell you the companies visiting your website. From there, we can tell you the employees of those companies and you can get in contact with the individuals perusing your website.

What is IP Visitor Identification?
Everyone has an IP address (like an online postcode). We use our database of contacts to match the IP addresses on your website to the companies we know. From there, we can tell you the employees of those companies. That way, you know who the individuals on your website could be.

How to discover who is on my website
We use a tiny tracking code that you can place on your website, which will keep track of which IP addresses are landing on your website. Our platform will then rank each lead on your website according to how much they’ve interacted with your website. You can log in, see who is on your website that day and get in contact with them then and there! It’s website identification made simple.

What you can do with Website Visitor Identification
Once you know who is on your website, you can use our lead scoring to decide if they are ready for sales to contact or need more lead nurturing time. If it’s the latter, you can find out where each lead came from so you know which marketing campaign they will respond to best. If it’s the former, or if marketing needs their email address, you can purchase the contact data you need and get started on moving your website leads through your pipeline.