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Manage your Marketing in one place

  • Do you want to generate more sales leads?
  • Do you know how to generate more leads from your website?
  • Do you need to generate more sales leads online in general?

One goal. One vision. One Marketing Automation Solution


Your marketing just got easier. Now you can have one single system view for everything related to your marketing. From web tracking to sending relevant emails automatically – everything works together in CommuniGator.

That means:

  • No more agencies needed to do your email marketing
  • No multiple databases you have to cross-reference with
  • No more wrong message at the wrong time to the wrong person

Instead, you can expect:

  • Intuitively easy lead generation and email marketing
  • Automatic integration with no human interference required
  • The right messages to the right people, at the right time.

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What we’re good at

Best for B2B lead generation marketing

Generate more revenue by revealing companies and individuals on your website with GatorLeads. Add the contacts to your database and target them with relevant information that you can easily distribute through our auto nurture email feature without having to lift a finger.

CRM Integration

Bring the sales and marketing worlds together with one single platform to view your website and email data. Enhance your ability to perform in your role by determining your campaigns from directly in CRM and keep sales in the loop. Make your pipeline as efficient and effective as it can be. From creation to execution and reporting, your marketing campaigns can now all be tied in with your CRM system.

Why Gator

CommuniGator offer the complete marketing solution because we ourselves are marketers. We play by the B2B email marketing rules, we strive for lead gen results and we like to manage all our marketing in one place. Follow suit with the best practices in marketing automation and see your marketing become more efficient and effective.