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Purchase targeted data for direct marketing

Because our email marketing platform works with purchased data lists, we work with data sources who make sure the data we provide is more accurate than any other data seller in the UK. We keep it up to date to make sure you have purchased data you can rely on. Interested?

  • 12 months unlimited usage
  • 500 free email addresses
  • 150+ level 2* industry classifications

With the new data opt-in laws taking full effect in May 2018, you have just under two years to make sure all the data you market to is in regulation with the ‘double opt in’ ruling. We suggest buying data now and encouraging them to opt in to make your marketing database as robust as possible pre 2018.

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How we can help you…

Purchased data sources

If you could purchase email data that was 100% reliable and accurate, would you? Well, that’s what we’re offering you as a service. It’s going to be sourced from some of the largest data providers in Europe, including Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Callcredit to name a few. Our data is constantly verified, but on the off chance you get a bounced contact, we’ll give you a new one to replace it.

Targeting your purchased data

Tell us who you want to target with some ‘killer values’ and we can give you contacts that match your criteria. Be as broad or defined as you wish! We have more than a million verified email addresses, with over 150 level 2* industry classifications. This means you can select the exact type of businesses and key decision makers you want to speak to.

Data purchasing packages

To show you the quality of our data purchasing package, we’ll start off by giving you 500 free contacts. To make sure you get the most out of them, speak with us and we’ll create the best data selection for your needs. From there, 1000 email addresses for 12 months unlimited usage (within reason, don’t bombard your data!) is just £500.

* These come from the 2007 Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities [SIC codes]).