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Predict your CTR before you send your campaign

Picture this. You’ve slogged away behind your laptop for hours, creating the perfect email campaign that you believe is going to get you a CTR over the sub-1% industry standard. You’re about to hit send. But wait. What if I was to tell you there was a way to predict your actual CTR before you click that big red button?!?

Okay, we’re not able to tell the future (just yet), but as an industry, we’re getting close. Download our latest webinar recording as we discuss the practicality of using Artificial Intelligence to boost your own marketing.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • How the boundaries are increasingly blurred between human and machine content
  • Whether AI is going to take your job anytime soo
  • The tools that we’re using to help increase our own CTR
  • Whether AI will allow you to predict the future