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The Complete Guide

To Email Optimisation and Implementation

With so many marketing tools available in today’s business landscape, the competition is high and the scope wide. For marketing strategies, email still retains the top slot. As one of the most powerful and effective channels to connect with potential leads, it would be foolish to ignore. With over 929 million business accounts live, email remains the go-to option for communication. Both within a business and between.
Email brings with it an opportunity to reach out to your profuse lead base, and nurture them through their sales journey until they are ready to become a prospect.
It takes a lot to create a high performing campaign, so we’ve outlined the key aspects to consider for optimising and implementing your emails.

What we’ve covered in this guide: 

1. Understanding your purpose
2. Getting your audience right
3. Constructing your email
4. Getting your email seen
5. Campaign considerations
6. Reporting on the results which matter
7. Common snags resolved

Email Optimisation guide