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CommuniGator vs. Dynamics 365 for Marketing

A Comparison of Marketing Automation Features

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 introduces a new set of marketing automation features, we’ve taken a look at how the softwares compare. Boasting an existing and established integration with MSD 365, CommuniGator has finetuned the synchronisation between our Marketing Automation Software and the MSD 365 CRM system. Dynamics 365 for Marketing have the advantage of the CRM system being their own, but are newcomers to the market in terms of Marketing Automation. So how do the different features measure up?

What we’ve covered in this comparison: 

1. Marketing automation features including workflow, web captures and social media.
2. Event software.
3. Email marketing features such as email builders, personalisations, and AI.
4. Lead generation through website tracking, lead nurturing and PURLs (and more).
5. Survey software
6. Extra support and services.

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