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What is survey software?

Surveys help you understand your audience. Survey software lets you create, understand and report on your customer behaviour. Get in contact with your audience. Find out more details about those involved with your business.

Why you need online survey software

Whether you want to understand a specific target group or just get fast answers, our survey creation is key. Customise your questions for best response rate answers and view them with snap-shot reporting.

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Free Demo

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How survey tools work

The intuitive software is easy to set up. Create your survey in any style, customise question types and send through your email marketing. Gain detailed insights by sending more than one survey to the same groups over time.

Integrating our online survey tool

Define your CRM data and send multiple surveys to multiple demographics. Understand your audience. Use the surveys to record your customer reactions and relationships to develop a higher customer retention rate.

Email surveys in B2B marketing

Understanding consumer patterns is essential to predicting the future. To adapting your marketing campaigns. To improving your results. Don’t guess at what your audience wants. Ask them.

Why use CommuniGator’s online survey system

We understand the value of customer retention. We also understand the drive for new business. That’s why our full marketing automation suite caters to both needs. Discover how to influence every aspect of your pre and post buyer journey.