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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is simply sending a targeted marketing message via email. How complex, dynamic or automated you want the message to be is defined by you. The more dynamic and tailored your message, the higher your marketing success and click rates will be.

How B2B email marketing software works 

If you want to create multiple dynamic email campaigns, you need email campaign software that understands what you are trying to achieve. From creating a professional look to adding multiple elements with an easy drag and drop editor. All in a responsive design template.

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Free Demo

Free Demo

What you can achieve with email campaign management

Email marketing best practice says you should send the right content at the right time. With our email campaign services you can create dynamic content based on your audience and their individual movements. Keep them in an email campaign until they are sales-ready.

Integrating your CRM & email marketing automation

Automated email marketing can take your CRM data & website activity, then send specific email campaigns tailored to each audience groups needs and interactions. Use a robust email marketing platform that can create any campaign and tick every box.

Manage your B2B email marketing

From creating & segmenting your campaigns to tracking and collecting your marketing movements. Email marketing software automates your execution. Allowing you to focus on the aspects relevant to your marketing.

Why use CommuniGator’s B2B email marketing solution

With expertise in CRM, email marketing, and automation, we offer you the complete solution. That’s not to mention our added extras and service standards.