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Integrate your website, email, CRM and social marketing with one system. Our system.

Whether your focus is integrating your lead generation and email marketing pipeline or your email marketing with your CRM, we can integrate at any and all levels. Available via our API, we connect your system with our technology to combine your data to full effect.

Our key integration levels include:

  • Lead Generation Integration with Email Marketing or CRM.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Social Media Automation integration.
  • Marketing Automation managed all in one place.

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Lead Generation Integration

Whether you want your lead generation to feed directly into your email marketing campaign, CRM system, or both, we can make it happen. GatorLeads is designed to work with both. With email marketing by feeding identified lead contact details directly into nurture campaigns. With CRM by updating contact and movement records every day.

CRM Integration

Integrate with any CRM system via our API and get your website and email contact data fed into your CRM. From creating targeted campaign groups within CRM to getting activity data reported directly back to your CRM, our integration works whichever way you want to use it. That’s just a taste of what our fully-fledged integration can offer.

Marketing Automation Integration

From lead generation to email marketing, CRM and even social media automation. Our marketing automation integration is the full package. Create workflows that are automatically fed data from your website & CRM and relay back any changes. Have email rules that dictate when leads are passed to sales and noted with CRM. Have your social media feed directly into a workflow too. It’s all possible.

CommuniGator’s service package 

Together, we’ll identify your key challenges and problems before developing a solution that rectifies the issues identified. Then we’ll implement the solution and train your team to keep it going. We’ll even stick around to monitor the results against agreed KPI’s. Whether your business needs to improve its data segmentation, execution of campaigns, conversions ratios or performance measurement, we can help you succeed.