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What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content is smart content. It adapts to your readers needs. Pre-determine what a prospect wants to read based on their previous behaviour and customise the copy in your emails & landing pages.

Dynamic email content, dynamic landing pages & you

Show your subscribers you care about their individual needs. Dynamic content, whether in an email campaign or a landing page, is a powerful technique. Automatically target your campaign content to each recipient.

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Free Demo

Free Demo

How dynamic content performs

The good news, it’s all automated! You don’t have to create complex campaigns. Specific content sections of your HTML can be dictated by the information you already hold about your contacts, all in one campaign.

Integrating dynamic content into your emails & landing pages

Integrating dynamic keywords into your emails and landing pages couldn’t be easier. All it requires is to dictate your HTML by the information you have in your CRM. The more information, the more personal your marketing. The better your results.

B2B dynamic email content in your marketing

The more intuitive your content is, the more likely your marketing audience is to respond. If you want to improve engagement and conversion rates, this dynamic tool is what you need. Extra effective with no extra hassle.

Why use CommuniGator’s advanced dynamic content

We offer the most adaptive content software around. With our all-encompassing package, we tailor every email campaign, create landing pages and integrate with your CRM. With us, it’s even easier to put the detail in your marketing.