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Workbooks and Marketing Automation

Manage all your data and reports from email marketing campaigns in your CRM. Jump at the opportunities as they happen

Workbooks and Marketing Automation

Manage your team’s day to day workload and marketing data in one place with Workbooks and marketing automation integration. This is the easiest way to keep on top of outstanding marketing tasks to ensure KPIs are being hit. With everything held in one place, you get full visibility of your marketing activities.

Up to date CRM data in real-time

With live dashboards and reporting, you can keep up to date on all your key sales and marketing information daily. From following what your contacts are looking at on your website to which emails they are interacting with. Allowing you to keep your campaigns up to date with consumer demands.

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Workbooks CRM Integration

Integrate your lead generation with Workbooks too

With our GatorLeads platform also offering integration, you can align your lead generation within Workbooks too. This includes website lead capture and lead scoring, to help sales and marketing prioritise their time. Place leads in the right campaigns or pass them through to the right teams for efficient follow ups.

Manage your leads effectively

With Workbooks and marketing automation integrated together, lead management becomes easy. Identify leads, what they are doing and which marketing campaigns are influencing them. Categorise and prioritise your leads with our CRM integration.