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Workbooks and Lead Generation

Manage all of your data and reports from email marketing campaigns in your CRM. Jump at the opportunities as they happen.

Workbooks and Lead Generation

If you want to drive new business and acquire, convert and retain customers then you need to integrate workbooks and lead generation technology together. Once these two technologies are working in sync, you can improve your sales pipeline with less effort on your sales teams behalf.

How our lead generation integration works

We use a permalink to connect our visitor identification software to Workbooks. Using this link, you’ll be able to see whether leads on your website are new business opportunities or existing customers within your CRM. You’ll also be able to see their lead score, when they last visited your website and what they looked at, among other things.

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Workbooks CRM Integration

Our integration with Workbooks

It’s easy to integrate our software with Workbooks because we take all the hassle out of it. We’ll fill in the mapping fields and admin details for you. All you need to do is click the permalink to marry up the information in your lead generation platform to your CRM accounts.

If the lead is a current CRM account, our technology will auto assign the lead to the current CRM account holder. If the lead is not in your CRM, our software will associate the new lead with an account rather than creating a whole new account.

Why you should use our lead generation integration

By using our lead generation platform with Workbooks, you’ll be able to get all new and existing prospect data in one place. This allows your sales team to collaborate across the two platforms, making sure their pipeline is aligned no matter who is visiting your website. Now you won’t miss any new activity on your website within your sales pipeline work. It’s perfect for businesses who want to maximise their lead generation opportunities.