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Workbooks and Email Marketing Software

Manage all of your data and reports from email marketing campaigns in your CRM. Jump at the opportunities as they happen.

Workbooks and Email Marketing Software

If you want to make your email marketing more targeted, you want to integrate Workbooks and email marketing software. Drive more new business through your email marketing with dynamic campaign sends.

Why you should integrate email marketing software with Workbooks



By integrating with CommuniGator you can segment your marketing lists. Create targeted groups and send them through to a CommuniGator campaign built just for them. Gain visibility across all email campaigns and track key metrics such as open and click-through rates.

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Workbooks CRM Integration

Report on your email marketing campaigns in one place

Rather than having to cross-reference your campaigns, your results will be reported back into Workbooks. Capture key information such as lead volumes by source, lead conversion, and campaign ROI. With the information in one place, your sales and marketing teams will know what leads have done. From which leads have interacted with which email campaigns and what next steps they need to take.

Align your email marketing with sales actions

Because you have all your key email marketing metrics in one place, you’ll be able to see what prospects and leads are interacting with. This will allow you to improve email campaigns, re-target based on interactions and show sales where leads are in their lead nurturing cycle.