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Lead Generation Software for Salesforce CRM

Our tool integrates seamlessly with SalesForce – start generating more leads today

Salesforce and Lead Generation

With GatorLeads, our lead generation software, also feeding your Salesforce CRM, you can fuel your sales team with their leads entire marketing journey before they have even made contact. Identify new leads from all marketing channels and auto assign to your sales team. Manage your targeted sales lists, email campaigns and website visitors in one place. It’s the easiest and most effective way to keep your CRM up to date with your marketing activities. Creating a seamless lead transition from marketing to sales to customer.

Turbo-charge your lead generation

As one of the leading CRM’s, it is important that your Salesforce and lead generation software work together. This will make your sales pipeline as smooth, efficient and visible as possible. Integrated together, you’ll be able to view every stage of your pipeline in one place and gain insight to each lead’s entire journey. Score your leads based on buying intent so your sales team have a deeper insight into who their prospects are and what they are interested in. tailoring their sales pitch before they have even made contact. Ensuring the transition as seamless and integrated as ever.

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Generate high-quality leads

With our suite of powerful marketing tools integrated into Salesforce, you can fill your sales funnel with high-quality leads for your sales team on a regular basis in real-time. Run highly-targeted email campaigns and personalise each leads experience with our lead generation software. Identify, generate and nurture both new and existing leads using automatically triggered software to enrich your funnel and pipeline. React and engage with potential clients in real-time so you are never missing a trick. All from within your salesforce CRM.