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Email Marketing Platform Integrated with Salesforce CRM

Automate your email marketing, manage all sends in one place with CommuniGator integrated with your Salesforce CRM

Salesforce and Email Marketing

Using our Salesforce and CommuniGator email marketing integration will give you the insight into which campaigns your prospects, leads and customers are interacting with. Allowing you to tailor and define your relationship with them on an individual level. Identify the content your prospects are interested in, discover what your customers are downloading and close any gaps in your entire cycle. All from within Salesforce.

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The benefits or integration Salesforce and GatorMail

When GatorMail is integrated with Salesforce it connects you with your data. Giving you insights into your email, surveys, workflows and events. Use dynamic dashboards to manage how effective your email marketing campaigns are. Create highly targeted campaigns based on any value or action within your digital assets. Automatically.

Gain real-time insights into your email marketing

Identify your highest performing email campaigns in Salesforce, allowing you the insight to constantly grow and improve. Measure your return on investment with dynamic reports and dashboards fed by your email marketing. Re-target leads, and customers based on interactions or stages in the sales cycle and define your marketing strategy with real-time insights into all aspects of your email marketing, from content, deliverability, audience data and campaign setup.