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ProspectSoft CRM Integration

Efficient integrated marketing automation with ProspectSoft

Lead Generation with ProspectSoft CRM Integration

Integrate your website lead generation with our permalink. See within your CRM when your contacts last visited your website and their company lead score. You can also get a record of the web pages they have visited. Understand your website activities from your CRM to get a better idea of which campaigns work best.

Get alerted to leads within your CRM

With our lead scoring feature, you can plan your customer journey to build an idea of a hot lead. You can then use the alerts feature within GatorLeads and ProspectSoft CRM to have leads sent straight to your inbox when they have met your desired criteria. All without needing to log in.

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Match leads immediately with ProspectSoft integration

Match leads immediately with ProspectSoft integrationOur integration with ProspectSoft means that you can match contacts and leads to an account based on their email. As long as you have their email addresses CommuniGator can match them within our CRM. This way you will know straight away if you are contacting top target leads.

Create effective email campaigns based on behaviour

Use our CRM integration to create dynamic group lists within CRM and send them to the relevant CommuniGator campaign automatically. Get campaign history fed back into your CRM too. Report on the campaign’s capability and improve future sends using the data you receive.

Our CRM integration features

Ease and improve your marketing execution and reporting with all of our integration features. From custom field mapping to actions written back and the ability to add new lead records. Our ProspectSoft CRM integration means you can upload and download data relevant to you more efficiently.

Superior ProspectSoft account management

With a team of in-house developers and marketing specialists, integration with ProspectSoft is simple and effective. As developers of our own technology, we continuously develop our features and integration abilities. All to make your marketing processes even easier.