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OrderWise and Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing with CommuniGator’s Marketing Automation solution integrated with OrderWise CRM

OrderWise CRM and Marketing Automation

By integrating OrderWise and marketing automation software, you can manage and report on any marketing campaign efficiently and easily. Our integration gives you an easy division of audiences to make each campaign as targeted as possible. Then have the results reported back into OrderWise.

Enable sales and marketing to work together

Integrating the two technologies allows sales and marketing to align seamlessly. It allows for sales to see what marketing communications their contacts engage with and for marketing to create campaigns so that sales can target accounts. With your data easily accessible in one place, it encourages your teams to work together to drive conversions through the pipeline.

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Integrate OrderWise and GatorLeads

As well as our marketing automation integration, you can also integrate with our lead generation software. This way you are making the most of your website visitors too. With GatorLeads integration, your sales team can find new and upsell opportunities, and your marketing team know which campaigns are drawing which audience in.

Focus on top target contacts within OrderWise

With our integration, organise who your top targets are by seeing who is browsing your website and what sort of content they’re engaging with within your CRM. This will allow you to create specific and personalised campaigns moving forward and overall, make your pipeline more effective.