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OrderWise and Lead Generation

Accurately measure your marketing with our OrderWise CRM integration

OrderWise and Lead Generation

Integrating OrderWise with lead generation technologies like GatorLeads is a great way of ensuring maximum efficiency when it comes to your sales pipeline. By integrating the two you can manage your lead generation, visitor identification and report all in one place.

The benefits of syncing with GatorLeads

With GatorLeads and Orderwise integrated together, you can manage your visitor identification easily. That means you can work within your CRM to see what your website leads are doing.

For salespeople, this will save them the time and effort of checking their lead generation platform and CRM accounts. For account managers, the information we provide will allow them to improve their style of customer care.

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How our lead generation integration works

Using a permalink, you can see if your website leads are a current CRM account and synch or assign them. However, GatorLeads will never create a new CRM account for a new website lead – keeping your CRM up to date, yet tidy.

Optimise new business opportunities

Integrating our lead generation with your OrderWise CRM is simple. All you need to do is tell us the CRM you use and we’ll sort out the rest of the administration details such as making sure the right information is being added to your CRM.

By integrating your lead generation, you can optimise ways to generate new business and upsell. Convert your pipeline into sales as well as generate new business.