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OrderWise and Email Marketing Software

Accurately measure your marketing with our OrderWise integration

OrderWise and Email Marketing Software

You can create a tailored email marketing buyer journey for your CRM contacts by integrating Access aCloud and email marketing software. It will report real-time email interactions into your CRM so that you can constantly monitor how your campaigns are performing.

Create targeted email campaigns

By dividing your data into segments, you can funnel groups into different email campaigns. Whether you separate your audience on job title, job level or lead score, you can create customised campaigns. Increase engagement levels by sending the right type of content at the right time to the right contact.

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Nurture your leads according to their needs

With OrderWise and GatorMail integrated together, you can consistently nurture your CRM contacts. Create workflow campaigns that intuitively react to your prospects needs with segmentation, dynamic content and scoring. Keep your CRM contacts interested, engaged and drive them closer to a sale.

Report an accurate email marketing ROI

Once OrderWise is integrated with your email marketing software, you can have your marketing data reported directly back into your CRM. See which CRM contacts engage and at what level. It will be a good way to determine the success of your email campaigns as well as drive them closer to conversion.