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NetSuite CRM Lead Generation

Powerful lead generation and marketing automation integration

NetSuite and Lead Generation

With GatorLeads, our lead generation software, also feeding your NetSuite CRM, you can fuel your sales team with their leads entire marketing journey before they have even made contact. Identify new leads from all marketing channels and auto assign to your sales team. Manage your targeted sales lists, email campaigns and website visitors in one place. It’s the easiest and most effective way to keep your CRM up to date with your marketing activities. Creating a seamless lead transition from marketing to sales.

Prioritise your sales leads within NetSuite

Fuel your sales team with their leads entire marketing journey before they have even made contact. Prioritising your sales leads based on website score and analyse how ready to buy they are. Execute real-time marketing campaigns based on sales triggers, website behaviour and previous marketing engagement. Identify your sales pipeline and its status under one roof. As well as monitoring leads behaviour in real-time. Ientify cross sell and upsell opportunities and upcoming customer renewals, in order to hit them with the right content at the right time.

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Identify your website visitors

With our NetSuite and CommuniGator integration you can identify all of your website visitors, including brand new visits. From their very first entry point to their entire website journey, its all accessible within NetSuite CRM. Automatically assign and nurture these leads based on criteria such as marketing source, lead score, industry and job title.

Shorten your sales cycle

Deliver high quality content to your prospects at the right time, guiding them effectively through the buying cycle. Keeping track of your entire pipeline, where they are in the buying journey and how far they have to go. By warming up your colder leads using lead nurturing software to continually push leads down the funnel.