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NetSuite and Marketing Automation

Powerful marketing automation integration

NetSuite and Marketing Automation

Bring your sales and marketing teams together with NetSuite and marketing automation integration. Manage your targeted sales lists, email campaigns, website visits and more in one place. Keep your marketing activities ahead of the game by monitoring what your contacts and accounts are doing in near real-time.

Managing your marketing within NetSuite

The key benefit of our integration with NetSuite is the time it saves marketing. Now that you don’t have to upload multiple dynamic CRM lists to each campaign, you can create refreshing lists that always adapt to your prospects and customers’ behaviour. That way, your marketing is always one step ahead.

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Keep track of your entire prospect to customer journey

With this level of integration, the CRM data you have becomes as detailed as possible. Marketing can now run the lead nurturing process for sales, allowing them to focus on calling the red-hot opportunities. From creating complex criteria lists that automatically refresh and sync with your campaigns to including sales-based activities as workflow triggers. You can even integrate your phone systems to marry up sales call stats with your CRM activities.

Integrate our lead generation software in NetSuite too

With GatorLeads also feeding your CRM, you’ll be able to create campaigns based on the actions your accounts are taking on your website. With lead scoring also carried over, you can create campaigns that prioritise which contacts need your immediate attention. It’s the ultimate way to have your sales and marketing teams work together on your pipeline.