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NetSuite CRM & Email Marketing

Comprehensive email marketing platform, designed and integrated with your NetSuite CRM

NetSuite and Email Marketing

Our NetSuite and email marketing integration is one of our most advanced CommuniGator integrations. All data is native within NetSuite CRM, which means you can get more out of your email marketing. Using dashboards and campaigns to gain insightful data from your email, surveys and workflows. Create highly targeted campaigns based on any value or action within your digital assets. Automatically.

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NetSuite Email Marketing Integration in Action

Create powerful segmented data lists

Gone are the days of exporting and importing complex CSVs. All your data is now easily accessible from your fingertips within NetSuite, and constantly refreshing. Create clever advanced finds based on granular criteria and apply to multiple refresh recurring campaigns. Using CommuniGators dynamic content function to execute finely tuned personalised email marketing campaigns to multiple contacts.

NetSuite Campaign Reporting

The level of integration between NetSuite and CommuniGator means that you’ll get all the history of your email campaigns reported back into NetSuite in real-time. You’ll be able to see any campaign report you wish, from the name and date to its opens, clicks, and engagement. You’ll also be able to drill down into an account and see what individuals’ movements were within any campaign they interacted with.