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Create customised campaigns

With our CRM integration, you can segment and build audiences however you wish before sending them through to GatorMail to introduce them to a targeted marketing campaign. You’ll then also be able to get results from that campaign reported directly back into your CRM. Providing you with the quickest way to customise, execute and report on your campaigns.

Automatically match leads with marketing automation CRM integration

Our CRM integration can match contacts and leads to an account based on their email. This means that even if you don’t know the companies, as long as you have their email addresses we can match them within our CRM. Giving you an easy way to know if you’re contacting your top targets.

Free Demo

Free Demo

Free Demo

Combine your lead generation too

In addition to our marketing automation CRM integration, we also integrate our GatorLeads. This means account information about leads, including their lead score and their website movements, will be linked into your CRM too. From there, building a campaign that mirrors your ideal buyer journey is easy.

Advance your sales process

For those with dynamic CRMs, such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, our software has been developed to become as detailed as possible. From defining killer values to creating complex criteria and triggering workflows with the click of a button. It can now all be integrated as quickly and easily as possible.