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Built-in lead generation CRM integration

With our CRM integration, you can manage your leads directly from your CRM. From seeing who’s assigned the lead or account to tracking their website activity and their lead score. You can also link records to your current CRM data or create new ones. That way, your current customers won’t turn up as new leads and your new leads can be assigned within your CRM.

Get alerted to leads within your CRM

With our lead scoring, you can plan your customer journey to build an idea of a hot lead. You can then use the alerts feature within your CRM to have leads sent straight to your inbox when they have met your desired criteria. All without needing to log in.

Free Demo

Free Demo

Free Demo

Combine your marketing campaigns too

Part of our lead generation CRM integration is our GatorMail integration too. Within your CRM, you can build audience groups, send them through to GatorMail and report results back from that email campaign into your CRM. You’ll then be able to get your website leads account information, such as lead score and website visits too.

Advance your sales process

For those with dynamic CRMs, such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, our software has been developed to integrate with phone systems as well. This means that you can track call stats and activities, to make sure your sales numbers add up with your CRM records. You can create a sales dashboard with multiple reports of leads defined by groups too.