Marketing Automation for Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Automate all of your marketing channels with marketing automation software for Infor CRM

Infor and Marketing Automation

To make your marketing data as effective as possible, you need to look at integrating Infor and marketing automation software. The combined system will allow you to keep track of what your marketing data is doing based on the activities they are interacting with. It’s all about keeping your contacts moving through the sales process.

Manage your marketing processes with Infor

With our CRM integration, you can assess the performance of your marketing campaigns in real-time. From identifying new and customer upsell opportunities to segmenting your data for targeted campaigns . You can even set rules and conditions for your workflows. So much more is achievable once your CRM and marketing software align.

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Infor CRM Integration

Match website leads within Infor too

With GatorLeads and CommuniGator both feeding into your CRM, you can report on web activities from within Infor. With daily CRM updates you can prioritise which contacts need immediate sales attention and which should go through a nurturing campaign. Making your lead generation more efficient.

Keep track of your entire pipeline from Infor CRM

From defining your top target companies to triggering CommuniGator workflows, our integration works with your marketing data. Keep track of what and where your marketing contacts are doing at all times with CRM integration.