Lead Generation Software for Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Integrate your lead generation activities with your Infor CRM to manage all your marketing in one place

Infor and Lead Generation

Infor and lead generation technology, GatorLeads, easily integrates to give you a clear idea of who is on your website. Together, you can keep track of who is on your website. Whether they are a new lead, customer, competitor or supplier, you can synch the relevant contacts with your CRM accounts.

How Infor works with our visitor identification

When you integrate our website visitor identification with Infor, you can get all the lead generation information you need in one place. Our permalink will allow you to see whether your website visitors are already current customers in your CRM. It will also allow you to see what their website score is and when they last visited your website.

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Infor CRM Integration

Integrating GatorLeads lead gen software with Infor

We take the hassle out of integrating your CRM with lead generation software. We’ll fill in the details and set up your mapping fields. From there, using the permalink, GatorLeads will auto assign a lead associated with a CRM account to the account holder. If the lead is not in your CRM, our lead generation software will NOT create a CRM account on your behalf. Keeping everything nice and tidy within your Infor.

Why choose GatorLeads with Infor CRM

GatorLeads and Infor can work together to make your website identification and sales pipeline a smoother process. For your sales team and account managers, this CRM integration will mean quick and easy access to the pipeline information they need.