Email Marketing Solution for Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Integrated email marketing software for Infor CRM – manage your e-shots and email campaigns in one place

Infor and Email Marketing Software

If you are looking to complement your email marketing data with your lead generation, you need to integrate Infor and email marketing software. By integrating with CommuniGator, you can have your email interactions, as well as your web history, reported into your CRM.

Align your Infor and email marketing data

With CommuniGator CRM integration, you can benefit from having your marketing activity reported into your CRM. Within Infor, you will be able to see how each of your contacts interact with your emails. This will allow your sales and marketing teams to determine which actions they take next from within the CRM – bringing the teams together.

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Infor CRM Integration

Segment your Infor CRM data at an individual level

With CommuniGator and Infor CRM integration, you can easily segment your data for different email campaigns. Then watch email engagement and conversion rates rise as you develop more personalised, targeted campaigns. It’s data-driven marketing at its finest.

Assess email campaigns with your Infor

Integrating your Infor and email marketing software will allow you to constantly nurture leads within your CRM, pushing them through the pipeline automatically. Drive targeted email campaigns using dynamic content relevant to your CRM audiences. Then assess how they perform within the same area. See a direct comparison on how your email campaigns perform week on week.