Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lead Generation

Generate more leads with our visitor identification software integrated with your CRM

Microsoft Dynamics and Lead Generation

With Gator’s lead generation software easily integrating with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you ensure an easy and effective way to identify new visitors and keep your CRM up to date. All with no extra effort on your part!

How Dynamics works with our visitor identification

Our primary job is to provide you with essential lead generation information. When you integrate GatorLeads with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM database, you can use a permalink to see whether your leads are already current customers on your CRM, what their total score is and when they last visited your website. This is the easiest way to use CRM and visitor identification together.

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Integrating GatorLeads lead gen technology with Microsoft Dynamics

You don’t need to be a CRM expert to set up Microsoft Dynamics and lead generation software together. You just need to tell us which CRM you use, we’ll fill in the details and set up your mapping fields. Then all you have to do is click the permalink within your leads profile in GatorLeads and you’ll be redirected to your CRM to see if the lead is a current CRM account or a new lead.

Once you associate a lead from GatorLeads to a CRM account, GatorLeads will auto assign the lead to the account holder and update the mapped fields every evening. If the lead is not in your CRM, GatorLeads will NOT create a CRM account on your behalf. This will help keep everything nice and tidy in your CRM.

Why choose GatorLeads with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Both Microsoft Dynamics and GatorLeads work with the customer experience in mind. For your sales team or account managers, CRM integration will mean quick and easy access to the information they need. For lead generation, visitor identification or just a simpler sales solution, integrating Microsoft Dynamics and lead generation together is the answer.