Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation

Comprehensive marketing platform, designed and integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics and Marketing Automation

Unleash your true marketing automation potential in Dynamics CRM with the best-in-class integration from CommuniGator. With the most comprehensive integration, combining your Microsoft Dynamics and marketing automation software will allow you to keep your CRM up to date with live contact and account activities from your website.

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MS Dynamics Marketing Automation Integration in Action

Manage your marketing within Microsoft Dynamics

From live dashboards to identifying new and customer upsell opportunities with lead scoring and easily segmenting all your data for dynamic marketing campaigns, CommuniGator covers it all. Assess the performance of your campaigns and social media activity in real-time and set rules for any of your new email workflows in Dynamics with us.

Combine your lead generation within Dynamics too

With GatorLeads & CommuniGator both feeding into your CRM, you can create a base with a lead scoring system that can constantly report on web activities. With daily CRM updates tracking lead and customer activities, you can prioritise which contacts need your immediate attention. With this information constantly delivered into your Dynamics account, you will have an efficient system to help both your sales and marketing team work together quickly.

Keep track of your entire prospect to customer journey

For those with Microsoft Dynamics, our software has been developed to become as detailed as possible. From defining killer values to creating complex criteria and triggering workflows with the click of a button. It can now all be integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics account as quickly and easily as possible. This integration is built for businesses who want to see and report on the full sales progress within your CRM.