Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Marketing Software

Manage all of your data and reports from email marketing campaigns in your CRM. Jump at the opportunities as they happen.

Microsoft Dynamics and Email Marketing Software

We offer the best-in-class integration with Microsoft Dynamics and email marketing software. With real-time website activity information reported directly in your CRM, you can report on all web history and email interactions and adjust your marketing accordingly. That’s how CommuniGator offers the most sophisticated software within Dynamics to date.

Real-time web and email data direct to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Your business can now benefit from your marketing activity with reporting functions on your website and email activities. Within your CRM, you’ll now be able to see how each of your contacts interact with your emails and where they have gone on your website as they do it. This allows you to act on their behaviour and jump at the opportunities as they happen.

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Segment your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data at an individual level

Using existing or new data lists, you can easily segment your data for different email campaigns. Whether you want to break down your data into different groups, job levels or base your campaigns on where they are in the sales cycle, it can all be done in a few simple steps. Segment your campaigns with no extra effort and watch engagement levels increase with individually targeted campaign structures by integrating your Microsoft Dynamics and email marketing.

Assess dynamic driven email campaigns

Improve your client base ROI by integrating your Microsoft Dynamics and email marketing. By doing this you can create automated email campaigns that can consistently nurture leads in your CRM. Then you can drive campaigns from within your CRM and target individuals by contact details you already have. Plus, provide dynamic content relevant to your audience in each campaign and assess how they perform against your other marketing activities week on week.