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CRM Integration that is intelligent & effortless

Feed your CRM system with lead generation

  • Track new and recurring website visitors within your CRM.
  • Get relevant data such as their total lead score and when they last visited.
  • Assign or acknowledge who is responsible for the lead. Sales or account management.

Influence your email marketing

  • Segment CRM data, target and report on email campaigns.
  • Use dynamic content to personalise emails with CRM data.
  • View your audience responses in your CRM contact records.

Reveal sales leads from all paid for channels

  • Understand which marketing campaigns your leads come from with our UTM tracker.
  • Detect previously unidentifiable paid channels such as PPC and social media.
  • Pursue paid for channels and increase your marketing

Automate your marketing

  • Report on contact activity from both your website and email campaigns.
  • Improve your processes to push more prospects through the pipeline.
  • Identify upsell opportunities along the way.
Improvement in lead activity
Prospect conversion rate
Ease of use

Our integrations…

Microsoft Dynamics

Increase efficiency, acquisition and retention with our best-in-class dynamics integration.


Track & record your prospect activity from within your InforCRM (previously SalesLogix).


Use our fully integrated platform to utilise the power of the Salesforce environment.


Improve your results across the board with Simple, effective SugarCRM integration.


Gain a wider user experience that is fully functional within Sage CRM.


Target your marketing contacts with a wide range of criteria from the core of ProspectSoft with us.


Create targeted and personalised email marketing with our enterprise level integration with Act.


Transfer new campaign and contact data back to GoldMine automatically with our integration.


Refine your marketing automation processes and results with aCloud integration.


Gain a 360 degree view of your contacts and their activities in Zoho integration.


Use powerful automation tools to integrate your CRM and marketing effortlessly.


Manage all of your data and reports from email marketing campaigns in your CRM.

CommuniGator API

Receive activity data and send over an audience when integrating with our open API.

What is CRM Integration?

CRM integration combines your website data and customer relationship management data to function together as one system. This allows you to integrate your website lead generation and email marketing or marketing automation software together in one place. With CRM integration, you can feed valuable, up to date data directly into your CRM.

Why you need to integrate your marketing & CRM system

With integrated CRM and lead generation or CRM and email marketing automation, or both, you will be able to see all your data in one place. This means that you can report on everything centrally and determine your actions based on your overall data. With an integrated CRM solution, you no longer have to worry about data being cross contaminated in other sections of the pipeline.

How CommuniGator’s CRM integration works

For lead generation integrated with your CRM, GatorLeads will update your database every evening when a new or recurring prospect vists your website. You’ll be able to see who are current customers and new business opportunities, as well as relevant data about their website journey.

For email marketing integrated with CRM, you will be able to segment your data for different email campaigns. From segmenting website data to building target lists within your CRM. Together, you can target campaigns or report on them directly from your CRM system.

Lead Generation with CRM

Update your CRM database with essential information about your website leads. Assign them to a sales executive or identify a customer upsell opportunity. Just don’t cross wires anymore.

Marketing Automation with CRM

Create, segment, target and report on campaigns by defining your data groups from your customer relationship management system. Just to make your marketing life that little bit easier.

Why Choose Gator

Discover the full package with CommuniGator
and how it can enhance every aspect of your marketing.
Our CRM integration is the best in class for a reason.