The Great British Split Test

Marketing is about producing results, really good results, day in day out. Stale marketing produces stale leads for your sales team. So, it’s important to keep on top of the game and make sure you are constantly producing great results which can be tricky, particularly with a small marketing team.

Times change, marketing changes, and your audience changes so you need to make sure you are producing relevant, fresh content for the right people at the right time. And what better way to get to know your audience inside out than by split testing (or A/B testing).

At CommuniGator we love an experiment. That’s why we split test everything possible, at least once a quarter if not month. The most important asset to your email campaigns is your list. The list you really want to engage with your marketing comms and become a hot prospect and then eventually convert to a customer.


The best time to send your emails?

So, you’ve got the best-looking email you’ve ever seen, bound to deliver results, you’ve segmented your data to within an inch of its life and you’ve written the best article possible which you know is relevant to your target audience. Now, when are you going to send your campaign?

Again, this depends on your audience so yes you will need to experiment with a split test, as with everything. It’s also important to change it up from time to time. So, don’t just carry out one test and then find that your ultimate time to send is Tuesday at 10 am and from now until the end of time keep sending your marketing emails on Tuesday at 10 am. You then pose the risk of becoming predictable, and your contacts will become all too familiar with your unsubscribe button. Change it up from time to time. Use different days to send different campaigns and test against each pot of data to find the maximum time for engagement in your world.

Once, we sent an email on a Friday afternoon and we received a 60% engagement rate. Yes, 60%! That’s almost a 59% increase on our industry standard CTR. Just give it a try, I dare you.


What really makes people click?

Marketing is a tough world. All that hard work designing your email and writing the most engaging content, getting past the dreaded spam filters, getting your prospects to open your emails and then comes to your click-through-rates. It’s a never-ending battle of how to improve your results. Right from successfully delivered, opened to click. There’s a lot that makes up the factors of your clickers. Your sender alias, subject line, time sent, the relevance of content. Let’s take a look at surefire ways you can improve your click-through-rates in your next campaign.


How can marketing automation increase your lead generation?

When it comes to successful lead generation, perhaps the most influential factors are time and effort. From initial contact, through to nurturing and honing a relevant list of prospects, it often feels like it would be useful to have a second pair of hands for many lead generation tasks. This is where automation has proven to be something of a game changer over the past decade. Now, even if your resources are fairly limited, you can still increase your lead generation to support business growth.


10 Email Campaigns for Generating Leads

If your answer to ‘how do you generate leads?’ isn’t email marketing, I’d think you were lying. As digital marketers, there are a select few ways to generate good quality leads for our ever-hungry sales team. Sure, email isn’t the one and only answer, but combined with your other channels, email is up there with the highest returning channel for delivering B2B marketing qualified leads. As email marketing experts, we’ve outlined the 10 highest lead generators.


The Importance of List Hygiene for Sales & Marketing

With Spring just around the corner, we thought it relevant to talk about spring cleaning your sales and marketing database. After all, a clean and hygienic database could be the difference between GDPR compliance and breach. As Sales and Marketing specialists ourselves, we know how important it is to have an up-to-date, healthy database and how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to get there. We’ve got some of your data questions covered in this article.


Understanding your data DNA: Your Killer Values

Data is at the core of all businesses. Whether its customers, prospects, leads or website visitors. Your data is the answer to your sales and marketing prayers. But understanding your data and translating it into tangible actions and makeup can be a little daunting. At CommuniGator, our data is our best friend. We carried out a Value Proposition to really understand the customers we work with and help us to identify our true target audience. We’ve got some steps that can help you do the same.


5 Things GDPR

The year we have all been waiting for has arrived. 2018. Where the marketing laws change as we know it. There have been so many releases and updates to the GDPR policy so how do we know what’s right, what’s not and what’s most accurate? Let’s take a look at the latest things we know, at CommuniGator, are going to keep you safe from GDPR harm.


Legitimate Interest: The Saving Grace to GDPR

2018 is here. The year GDPR is taking the marketing world by vengeance and changing the world we know, live and breathe. The GDPR changes are fast approaching and who really knows what it actually means and how our marketing is going to change? There have been multiple releases of the changes along the way but this one is certain. Legitimate interest. And you, as a marketer, needs to know what it means and how you can apply it to your marketing to ensure you are as GDPR compliant as you can be.

Download a copy of The Fog Clears on GDPR for more clarity on this.