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Best for B2B lead generation marketing. The complete B2B marketing automation software solution

Successful B2B marketing needs:

  • Accurate lead generation
  • Enabled email marketing
  • In-depth reporting analysis
  • Automated marketing campaigns

You need a marketing automation suite that does it all. If you’re looking for a solution that enables sales & helps marketing improve results, CommuniGator’s B2B marketing software is for you.

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What we’re good at

Our B2B lead generation suite

All good marketing suites start at lead generation. Enabling it, reporting on it and enhancing it. Our lead generation tool identifies the individuals of the companies on your website. This lead generation software is the only one in the B2B market that offers this level of website visitor identification. That means we’re the best in business to help you make the best ROI on your website.

Email marketing platform for B2B

Most B2B marketers use some form of email marketing. To make our email marketing as effective as possible, our platform works with lead generation. This ensures a never-ending stream of new data to target in your email marketing. With fresh B2B data fed into your email marketing campaigns, your engagement and conversion rates can improve week on week.

B2B marketing automation software

Because we know B2B marketers are busy people, we have automated as much of our marketing software as possible. Not just for our email marketing and lead generation either. We also include event marketing, social media management, and landing zones. Automate as many of your B2B marketing campaigns as possible and focus on improving your results.

Measuring your B2B marketing results

With CommuniGator’s complete B2B marketing automation suite, you can measure your results on an individual level. Review your results on any marketing task with CommuniGator’s real-time website analytics. Then change your marketing techniques to improve your results and optimise your B2B marketing.