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CommuniGator marketing automation workflows

Identify, nurture & deliver leads to increase your revenue:

  • Manage all your marketing in one place
  • Automatically nurture your leads
  • Create responsive marketing campaigns
  • Contact the right people at the right time with the right content


GatorCreator Drag and Drop

Generate and nurture new business:

  • Segment, target, send and track each email campaign
  • Create dynamic campaigns based on web behaviour & CRM data
  • No HTML experience required with a drag and drop editor
GatorLeads lead generation tool

Boost your sales pipeline:

  • Identify individuals & companies on your website
  • Track each website movement
  • Find your sales-ready leads first
  • Reveal sales from all paid for channels
  • Auto-nurture website leads

Marketing Workflows

Automate entire quarterly campaigns with intuitive marketing workflows that understand your prospect’s interactions.

Email Marketing Software

Make complex email campaigns easy to set up and even easier to execute. Use an email editor that doesn’t require any HTML experience.

Copywriting services

Use our in-house creative team to create you compelling copy that you can use to improve your content marketing moving forward.

CommuniGator Software

Visitor Identification

Start making the most of your website traffic and improve your pipeline at the same time. See who is on your website today.

Lead Nurturing

Improve your conversion rate with a lead nurturing programme designed to automatically warm up leads on your behalf.

Lead Generation Services

Get the sales innovators to show you the lead generation best practices. Let us get you set up with an effective lead generation strategy.

Build complex campaigns with our user-friendly marketing automation software


Case Studies

CommuniGator’s Lead Generation Case Study


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Gamma: Managing Your Marketing in One Place with CRM Integration


iCare Health: Creating a Customer Journey with Marketing Automation


Dave Chaffey: The State of Marketing Automation


Howden: Copywriting Services & Content Strategy


Larmer Brown: CRM Integration for Marketing Automation


Iconic Digital: Enhancing Lead Gen, Brand Awareness & Engagement


4D Data Centres: Transitioning to Marketing a Automation Suite


Equinix Telecity: Improving Lead Generation Strategy


Upcoming event: Damn Spam! What you need to know about avoiding the spam filters 04.o5.17 London

Avoiding spam filters is the bane of every marketer’s life, right? Or at least it should be. Unfortunately 10-12% of emails you send will disappear into cyberspace due to very robust, automated technologies in place to prevent anything inappropriate reaching your prospects inbox.

So how do you avoid ending up in those spam filters? Join our seminar to learn the best practice tips on what you can do to ensure you don’t end up in cyberspace.

Things that we will cover:

  • How to overcome the challenges of deliverability
  • How spam filters work and how to avoid them
  • Simple mistakes to avoid
  • How to build and maintain your email reputation
  • Checking your sender score
CommuniGator at TFMA 2016

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